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Hailing from the "City that Never Sleeps" (perhaps why New Yorkers are occasionally irritable), Jonny began working at the age of five, appearing on and off-Broadway, as well as singing for his supper on numerous commercial jingles, soundtracks, and recordings for a variety of music artists. 


Jonny is a graduate of New York's LaGuardia High School of Music, Art & Performing Arts (aka the FAME SCHOOL) and the University of Michigan.

In what little free time he has not procrastinating, Jonny consults on fiction and non-fiction (real world) narratives as a certified Dramatica Story Expert. He also enjoys playing piano, taking photos of food for his non-existent blog, attending the theatre, quad theory, and spending time with friends and family.

He's recently become enthralled with bio-hacking and can proudly claim that due to an osteogenic loading hack, he now has more than twice the bone density than that of an average octogenarian.


firmly believes that laughter isn't merely the BEST medicine, it's the ONLY* medicine.

Jonny Gentry Director
"A hero with a heart of pyrite"
"One of the greatest comedic minds of the 22nd century"
"Earnestness is his jam" *cough* 

*10 out of 10 doctors disagree

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